Kim Kardashian Outs Private Family Group Texts

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On Wednesday evening, Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram Stories to share a family group text, labeled “OG’s Positive People.” However, not everyone in her famous family was included in the group. The SKIMS founder revealed the initials of the names in the group, which were KJ, KJ, KJ, KK, and RK. The three KJs were for Kylie, Kendall, and Kris Jenner, while the KK could have been for either Khloe or Kourtney Kardashian. RK was for Rob Kardashian, and there was also one icon to the far left, but it’s unclear who it belonged to. This suggests that either Khloe or Kourtney was left out, and considering Kim’s recent closeness with Khloe and distance from Kourtney, it’s likely that Kourtney did not make it into the “positive” group.

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The Jenner and Kardashian family is one of the most famous and influential families in the entertainment industry. The family includes matriarch Kris Jenner, her children Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian, as well as her daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner. The family rose to fame in 2007 with the premiere of their reality television show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” which ran for 20 seasons and followed the personal and professional lives of the family members.

Over the years, the Jenner and Kardashian family has expanded their reach beyond the small screen and into the fashion, beauty, and business worlds. They have launched multiple successful businesses, including makeup and skincare lines, clothing and accessory lines, and even a shapewear line by Kim Kardashian. They have also been involved in various philanthropic efforts, including fighting for criminal justice reform and raising awareness for various social issues. The Jenner and Kardashian family has become a household name and continues to have a strong presence in the entertainment industry.

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