Does Nobita become smarter than Dekisugi?


Nobita and Dekisugi have been two of the most beloved characters in the popular Japanese manga series Doraemon. The series follows the adventures of Nobita, a young boy who is often seen as being clumsy and lazy, and Dekisugi, a genius who is always one step ahead of Nobita.

For years, fans have been wondering if Nobita will ever be able to catch up to Dekisugi in terms of intelligence. After all, Dekisugi is a genius and Nobita is just an average student. But in the end, it turns out that Nobita does become smarter than Dekisugi.

The turning point in the series comes when Nobita invents a device that even Dekisugi can’t do. This invention makes Nobita a millionaire and he is rewarded with power. With this newfound power, Nobita is able to achieve great things and become even smarter than Dekisugi.

But it’s not just his invention that makes Nobita smarter than Dekisugi. It’s also his personality. Throughout the series, Nobita is shown to be a kind, selfless, and caring person. He is always willing to help others and never puts himself first. This is why Shizuka, the love of his life, chooses him over Dekisugi in the end.

The series also shows that intelligence isn’t the only thing that matters. Nobita is able to succeed in life because of his kind heart and willingness to help others. This is something that Dekisugi, despite his genius, can never do.

At the end of the series, Nobita has achieved a level of success that even Dekisugi can’t match. He has become a millionaire, gained power, and won the heart of the woman he loves. He has also become smarter than Dekisugi, proving that intelligence isn’t the only thing that matters in life.

Nobita’s story is an inspiring one. It shows us that even those who may not be the smartest can still achieve great things in life. It also shows us that intelligence isn’t the only thing that matters. Kindness, selflessness, and a willingness to help others can take us further than we ever thought possible.

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