10 Easy Ways To Begin Using Video In Your Business

If you own a business, using video in your marketing approach may provide you with significant benefits. However, there is a wide selection of content available, each with a unique value.

When compared to traditional marketing, video marketing produces a higher level of engagement among viewers since people prefer to watch a video rather than read words. Participation is essential when it comes to marketing. Keeping your audience interested implies you have a higher chance of converting them into leads.

1. Commercial Video

Advertising videos is a technique of getting your product or service out to the public without going into too much detail about how it works. These movies should be as brief as possible, have a broad appeal, and employ a clear and targeted topic.

These films are excellent for increasing awareness of a single product offering from your firm. These can include television advertisements, YouTube advertising, and social media sharing.

2. Educational Content Videos

An educational short is a bite-sized, helpful piece of information that draws on your team’s expertise.

Educational videos should be utilized to attract new clients or to raise awareness. They may be marketed as content on your blog, FAQ page, social media platforms, and elsewhere.

These are great as videos improve information retention because they may be paused and repeated as many times as necessary. They can also be revisited after the introductory session has been completed.

3. Webinars

A webinar is a web-based conference, workshop, or seminar that is delivered by video conferencing software. A webinar’s goal is to give a distant audience exposure to an in-depth session focused on a certain topic or issue, showing expertise.

Furthermore, new businesses may use webinars to educate customers on how to use a product or service and upgrade them to better relationships when a service is genuinely necessary.

4. Live Action Explainer Videos

This style of content has been shown to be useful for describing difficult-to-understand products and services. Live-action explainer films are a strong tool for connecting with an audience, especially if you own a business. In reality, people enjoy seeing diverse individuals because it helps them to have an emotional connection with them, which is strong and useful for storytelling.

5. Branded Video Content

Branded video content is sometimes regarded as a hybrid of advertising and reporting. These movies should be under 60 seconds long, targeted at your core demographic, and contain only a brief mention of your organization, product, or service.

These films are excellent for increasing corporate awareness. Consider employing branding videos on social media, their own YouTube channel, or TV.

6. Company Story Videos

In under 5 minutes, a corporate story is an excellent method to introduce your team, culture, and values of the company. In-house talent such as founders, workers, and executives are employed to discuss where you’ve been and where you’re going. Use an online video maker to quickly make short company videos that have dimensions suitable for mobile, desktop, and other digital screens.

These movies should be utilized at the consideration stage of the purchase funnel, as well as to build loyalty and a sense of personal connection with existing customers. Send your stories out in mailings and include them in your site’s About Us section.

7. Testimonials 

A customer tale, also known as a testimonial video, is a film that utilizes actual clients and consumers to promote your product or service. A case study video can discuss a project you worked on for a customer, the challenges you faced, and the outcomes.

Testimonials and case study films should be used during the purchase funnel’s contemplation and decision phases. Send these films out in newsletters, post them on social media and your blog, and put them in your site’s About Us or Testimonial sections.

8. Animated Explainer Videos

You can accomplish almost anything with animation. It’s a terrific approach to demonstrate anything abstract or conceptual, such as a “network security” service, and it works well for software firms and web services. It is simple to trademark your video using animation. Your company explainer video may blend in with your website and marketing materials by employing similar colors, styles, and themes.

These movies are often utilized to aid in the deliberation stage of the purchase funnel and should be published on your website’s homepage, as well as on YouTube or other accessible websites.

9. Product Demo Videos

A video demonstrating software for online, desktop, and/or mobile applications. These walk-throughs may be utilized for in-app assistance, answering frequently asked questions, and as pre-recorded sales demos. They can also be high-energy videos to pique the curiosity of those interested in the goods.

When you get a new customer, launch a new feature, or change your user interface, think about sending out training videos. You may also put them in your FAQ to cut down on Customer Service calls.

10. Recruiting Videos

When considering online videos for your business, you’re often thinking about what will generate sales or convert visitors into customers. However, it is critical not to overlook the driving force behind your expansion, having the right people in the proper places. A strong recruitment video may you in your attempts to build your employer brand.

If you only hire a few individuals per year, a recruiting film should probably not be at the top of your business video list. Consider how this sort of business film may aid your HR staff if your company is experiencing rapid expansion or constantly seems to have open requisitions.

Bottom Line

Other video ideas for business may include training videos, product review videos, product launch videos, etc. No matter what budget you may have, incorporating videos into your business is always going to be beneficial. For those with lower budgets, consider using an online video maker for all your video needs.

It’s always a good idea to examine your existing content to see how you can best optimize your video productions to meet your company’s goal. 

As there are several sorts of films, each may help businesses in a different manner. A video can be used to market a product or service, raise awareness among the target audience, or simply educate customers via instructions and tutorials.

Written by Alex McCurthy

Influencer UK VIP Contributor

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