Prime Minister Boris Johnson and wife Carrie expecting their second baby

Carrie Johnson announced her pregnancy on Instagram and said she felt “inconceivably honored to be pregnant again” yet additionally “like a bag of nerves” following a miscarriage earlier this year.

In an Instagram post, Carrie Johnson also said she had a miscarriage earlier this year.

She expressed: “Hoping for our rainbow baby this Christmas.

“At the start of the year, I had a miscarriage which left me heartbroken. I feel unbelievably honored to be pregnant again yet I’ve also felt like a bag of nerves.”

Mrs. Johnson added: “Richness issues can be really hard for many individuals, particularly when on platforms like Instagram it can seem as though everything is only truly working out positively.

“I thought that it was a real comfort to hear from individuals who had also experienced misfortune so I trust that in some tiny way sharing this may help other people as well.”

A “rainbow baby” is a youngster brought into the world after a miscarriage, stillborn or neonatal death.

Ruth Bender Atik, a national overseer of the Miscarriage Association, said it was “significant” that the two announcements were made at the same time.

She said, “When you a pregnant after a misfortune it doesn’t mean that you forget the heartache or the trouble and pain than you had before.”

“Not everyone wants to talk about their experience of miscarriage, they may feel it is private to them or they are simply comfortable talking about it. They may stress that individuals may say the wrong thing,” she added.

“Yet additionally talk about pregnancy after misfortune because it very well may be an exceptionally anxious time. Many individuals say that they lose the guiltlessness and confidence they had the first run-through round because they are concerned something may turn out badly this time.

“For a great many people it doesn’t however it is as yet an anxiety.”

The PM, 57, got married to Carrie Johnson (nee Symonds), who is 33, in a small ceremony at Westminster Cathedral in May.

Mrs. Johnson recently utilized Instagram to announce the name of her first son, Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson – with the name Nicholas picked in a gesture to the two specialists who saved the leader’s life when he had COVID-19.

The baby was named after the executive’s grandfather, Wilfred, and his mother’s grandfather, Lawrie, as well as the two specialists, Dr. Nick Price and Professor Nick Hart, who treated him in escalated care.

Wilfred was the fifth youngster known to have been brought into the world by a sitting leader.

Tony Blair’s better half Cherie gave birth to son Leo in May 2000, three years after her husband’s first election triumph, and David Cameron and spouse Samantha invited daughter Florence in 2010.

Ruler John Russell, who filled in as the PM twice somewhere in the range of 1846 and 1852, and again somewhere in the range of 1865 and 1866, was the main PM to father a youngster while in office, having two during the late 1840s.


Written by Alex McCurthy

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