The covid-19 prolongs in many parts across the country, and restrictions on travel are still going on. For many people, work from home remains the standard, which can be difficult at times. Most of the companies and organizations are asking their employees to do their work from their own home, since so many of them are facing a different kinds of issues like network problems and medical problems such as neck pain, back pain, etc. But here are some gadgets that will make it a little smoother, easier, productive, and free of technical issues. Most of these products are available on online markets like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

1. Smartphone Dock:

While many people depend on their laptops /or desktops for day-to-day office work, smartphones are still the lead communication appliance. Many also fetch up using their phones as mobile hotspots to work on their laptops, especially when Wi-Fi is uneven. The usage time of smartphones is very high in everyone’s life.

A smartphone dock can help at such times. It is an easy way to keep your phone straight and upright with the screen always facing you, thus make sure that one does not miss any message notification or call notification. The dock doubles up as a stable stand for when you are watching social media, charging your smartphone, or even taking wide-angle photographs. For android users, there are such docks along with some applications that can use your smartphone as a webcam for your laptops.

2. Wi-Fi range extender or Wi-Fi Router:

A Wi-Fi range extender or router works just like your main Wi-Fi modem, omit it receives your broadband connection and enhance it as if it was the source of the router. Wi-Fi range extenders allow users to get suitable network connectivity throughout their homes. While one router and one range extender are good enough to cover most mid-size flats, one can add more extenders for larger homes to obtain good network connectivity throughout your home.

3. Laptop Stand:

A laptop stand is pretty straightforward. If you do not have a suitable table for working at home, you can buy a laptop stand, which can be lean at any angle to your comfortable position. A laptop stand lets you manage space proficiently on small surfaces while avoiding your laptop from getting heated. It is also good for your neck posture to have the laptop at your eye vision level, instead of forcing you to look down continuously. You can also check out laptop stands that also have a small dock on the side for keeping your phone beside your laptop.

4. Webcam Slider Cover:

Webcams in laptops are important privacy trouble when people are working from home, and have their laptops turned on for a long period, frequently in areas like the bedroom or the living room. In such cases, a slidable cover for your webcam is a much safer and easier option than fall back on the old duct tape technique. Most of the online market platforms are selling webcam slider cover at an affordable price.

5. All-in-One Adapters For Laptops:

Nowadays, most laptops are thin and light, so that they are easy to carry around. Although, this often means lacking in components like the number and types of ports. But there are multiple adapters available for laptops that allow the laptops to connect all kinds of input and output devices into a single port.

Adapters that have an ethernet port, micro-SD card slot, USB slots, and other slots can be plugged into the USB Type-C port of your laptop. These can help with capacity and free up space on your table. Particularly if your Wi-Fi is bitty, an adapter with an ethernet port could make certain a more strong internet connection.


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