WhatsApp’s new feature: Voice messages can be played faster.

WhatsApp has launched a new update that allows users to increase the playback speed of voice messages. The new feature is aimed at users who rely heavily on long voice messages for personal or professional reasons.

In a statement, WhatsApp said, “These days we need all the time-saving tips and tricks we can find. This is why voice messages on WhatsApp are a particularly useful tool for people short on time, who are multitasking, or who have friends and family in different time zones.”

WhatsApp has two modes of recording voice messages, one is, push and talk. As the name suggests, users can press and hold the mic button to record short messages. The second mode is more useful to record longer messages using the handsfree option. The user can open an individual or group chat, touch the microphone icon and slide up to lock hands-free recording.

WhatsApp Reportedly Tested Playback Speed for Voice Messages in Public

The Fast Playback feature speeds up the message for the recipient, making it possible to reduce the time it takes to listen to long voice messages.

WhatsApp’s Fast Playback feature can change playback speed between the default 1x setting, to 1.5x speed, or 2x speed, without changing the pitch of someone’s voice.

As you press play on a voice message you will see the playback speed appear, which is set to 1x by default. Touch the speed to increase the speed to 1.5x or 2x. Then simply press play.

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