Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the founder of Paytm, has an astounding life story!

 There have been many amazing stories about the Indian startup circuit. The growth of many multinationals has added value as an ecosystem where everyone has the chance to shine and grow. With the new age at hand, it’s time to sneak into one of Vijay Shekhar Sharma’s best-known entrepreneurs. Well, you might have heard of Paytm if you live in India or if you’ve kept in touch with the Indian startup ecosystem. It is the first e-wallet and is still regarded as the Indian Startup System’s representative in the e-wallet circuit.

As per Forbes’ list of India’s 100 Richest People, Vijay Shekhar Sharma is an Indian 2.35 billionaire with a richness of $2.35 billion (2020).

Vijay Shekhar Sharma-The beginning of life

Vijay has no pretense and speaks from the heart, in real life. His friends love him because he’s a true, warm-hearted man. Everybody loves him because he embodies startup resilience in talk of the Indian starter circuit. The report noted that big technology firms like Tencent Holdings, Ant Group Co. Ltd, Inc., Grab Holdings Inc., thanks to their role as investors, partners, and competitors, are going to influence the insurrectionary ecosystem in the region. “Although big technology in the insurance industry is fighting to become digital intermediaries, established carriers are building proprietary digital channels. In order to make this transition, startups that help both incumbents and big technology will probably become winners,” stated the report.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma – Top the Difficult Conditions

Vijay saw the hard life of the country’s economically backward. When he was 12, a kid who practiced chappal sports and visited his school, his batchmates had no money to afford a slippery air. One of the two people who followed engineering from his village was Vijay. The prestigious Delhi Institute of Technology holds an engineering diploma from Vijay. As with Vijay, he/she had to face many difficulties if you used to study in a Hindi medium. A child who reads Hindi medium school in the 1990s rarely had access to books and coaching facilities! So Vijay knew that he was on the path to success all by himself. When he and his friends were preparing for the exams, he read the answers and did not know the questions, because they were written in English. Vijay, therefore, taught himself to read the English language.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma – Transforming barriers into opportunities

When he went to the market one Sunday and took up a Forbes Magazine, the turning point in Vijay’s life came. He became acquainted with the success stories of mega-brands like Apple, Intel and HP, and their names on the startup circuit. One thing was common to all of the companies: all were constructed from cellar garages! Vijay would go to the valley of silicone. But this was never possible because of a lack of money and resources. So, during his college days in 1997, he started an internet company with his friend Hari. They wanted to develop search engines and knocked out the fact that the Internet was making huge steps on the technology circuit at the time, making the search engine the main attraction. His parent insisted on joining a real job, but he never had the courage to stay in the traditional jobs long enough for his determination to develop a new company! Vijay wanted to be a bird of liberty throughout his life, he never wanted to be a horse that goes the same path over and over again! Therefore he left his job in pursuit of his dream and founded a company based on the same philosophy as Yahoo! He learned during his first tenure that cash flow is not profitable! His customers never paid for him on time was the victim of this problem of cash-flow. The family had a big problem as his father, though the loan for two lacs was not given for cleaning the default loan sheet! With his inspiration, he developed Paytm, a platform for addressing the problems of society’s poor and economically disadvantaged groups. The platform is designed for a dealer or driver who has always respected or liked any financial institution.

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