Feature of the Week: Gaurav Taneja

Inspiring people around your family might be easy but inspiring the whole country is not. This Indian Ex-Pilot, Bodybuilding champion, and one of the greatest Indian fitness and lifestyle YouTuber is an inspiration for many. Keeping your daily life out in front of people is not easy but Gaurav Taneja connects his audience with his daily vlogs. He is a proud father to Kaira Taneja and an excellent and proud husband to Ritu Rathee who herself is a pilot. Gaurav is a professional airline pilot who as a captain has flown many flights and completed journeys for many people. Before becoming a pilot, he has studied engineering at one of the most prestigious engineering colleges in India.

From his starting days of college, he has been a fitness addict. Being into fitness is what made him such a big YouTuber today. Gaurav says he started gaining interest in YouTube when once a friend of his made a live video of his while he was giving bodybuilding advice. He currently has three YouTube channels on every channel he has different content for posting. Flying Beast is his most famous YouTube Channel with 5.56 Million subscribers, (dated June 9, 2021) on this channel he posts daily vlogs which also have her wife Ritu Rathee, and her daughter Kaira Taneja. Another channel with her daughter’s nickname, Rasbhari Ke Papa has 1.29 Million subscribers (dated June 9, 2021) has gaming videos. Lastly, he has a channel devoted to fitness and is named as FitMuscle TV on which he has 1.92 Million subscribers (dated June 9, 2021)

His fans are tremendously inspired by him; one can see that with his following numbers on social media. He has 2.2 Million followers (dated June 9, 2021) on Instagram, 500 Thousand followers (dated June 9, 2021) on Twitter. His fans also comment on his social media handles as well his YouTube channels and shower him with an immense amount of love. While he gets loved highly on the internet, he gets even more while he is on the ground like being at Fan fests or TedTalks or various other platforms where he gives inspirational speeches throughout India. Having fans is one thing while having loyal fans who even stand by you in your bad times is a total heart-touching following. A year back when he spoke about losing his pilot job and the reason for losing was unethical from the airline’s side, he got an immense amount of support from his fans.

He is a very outspoken person and speaks against the wrong happenings of society. The reason his fans are inspired by him is not only due to his vlogs but because he does great hard work. Also, he is a very helpful man and looks forward to speaking for the truth. People like him not only inspire a few but many in society. He keeps all his content simple, easy, and entertaining for the viewers to understand. While entertaining his audience he also conveys many good messages to society which leads towards the development of an individual and country as a whole.

More influencers like Gaurav Taneja are needed who inspire the public with simple methods of living. His way of living his life is very down to earth and has a very good attitude towards all.

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