Eco- Friendly bricks out of PPE kit

Eco-friendly BRICKS out of PPE kit and disposable masks – made possible by “recycle man of India”.

Yes, we are reading this right enough because the man named Binish Desai made it possible.

Research, recycle, and development is been playing a critical role in innovation and creation.

Introduction Dr. Binish Desai:

Dr. Binish Desai of the rotary club of vibrant Valsad is an environmentalist, a social activist from a very young age.

From the age of 10, he got inspired by his childhood cartoon character Captain Planet and Dexters lab.

One day out of query he picked up a chewed gum and wrapped it in a paper and after few days it becomes hard in structure.

Then he started thinking of how to make this use this out of wastage.

And he invented P-brick using industrial paper waste and chewing gum in 2005 at the age of 11.

The making of bricks from mask and PPE kit:

Now in the recent age after the crisis of corona another crisis, is waiting for us. a

And that is the dilemma of waste products from using masks and PPE kit.

We all know that nature is very patient with us but are not we testing Nature’s patience too much.

India had a garbage disposal problem from the very beginning.

But rising biomedical waste products from a covid-19 pandemic have caused new dilemmas across the country.

Every month around 129 billion face masks is been disposed or we can say we are using 3 million face masks per minute.

These disposable masks are made out of plastics and people don’t know how to dispose of them.

Sometimes they were being thrown into the garbage and sometimes directly into the water bodies which directly or indirectly cause suffering to water and air.

And we have always a solution to every trouble. Dr.Binish (the recycle man of India ) believes nothing is waste in the world, your waste is someone else’s assertion.

Today he made another wonder out of used disposable masks and PPE kit.

He made a brick called brick 2.0, this brick is 4 times stronger than traditional brick.

The brick he made is half the cost of normal bricks, and you won’t believe that this brick is made up of used masks and disposed of PPE kits.

And it’s completely safe. This is such a simple solution yet effective.

Goal behind PPE Kit

He thought of a simple process, the process is that as in different cities and societies keep special bins on their premises after collection of garbage from different bins.

They should have to give instructions to the residents to cut down the strings of the used masks and dispose of this in a special bin.

Once they collect 50 -100 masks then they have to keep that for isolation for 72 hours to kill the active virus.

Then the people of the society have to pack that in a bag and send it to Dr Binish Desai at their address. We can be a part of this great project.


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