Cristiano Ronaldo's press conference costs Coca Cola $4 billion

At a press conference at Budapest before Portugal and Hungary locked horns in their Group F clash of the Euro 2020 league, global football star and Portugal’s captain, Cristiano Ronaldo picked two glass bottles of Coca Cola and kept them aside and proceeded to drink Agua(Portuguese term for Water). 

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Cristiano Ronaldo is also known worldwide for his fitness enthusiasm. This is why even at the age of 36, he still gives tough competition to footballers 10 years younger than him in the most physically demanding game. During the press conference, he made it clear what he thinks about aerated beverages. His stunt was to encourage the junk food driven youth to drink more water and give priority to their health.

In the press conference, when he sat on his seat and saw a couple bottles of Coca Cola, picked them with a blank face, and with the slightest of sneer kept them aside and got himself a bottle of water. Here’s a video for you to refer: 

After this incident, Coca Cola, who’s also a sponsor of the Euro 2020 event, incurred heavy losses. Their stock prices dropped by 1.6 percent– from $56.10 to $55.22. Coca Cola’s market value went from $242 billion to $238 billion by the end of the press conference. Coca Cola lost almost $4 billion at the market. 

A spokesperson of the Euro 2020 tournament also shared his views on the matter by saying: “Players are offered water, alongside Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero Sugar, on arrival at our press conferences.” Coca Cola also responded saying, “Everyone is entitled to their drink preferences as people have different ‘tastes and needs’ “.

Paul Pogba, Italian footballer star also followed the suite and removed a bottle of Heinkein in his press conference.

It is also noteworthy because Cristiano Ronaldo at one of time was the ambassador of Coca Cola beverages. 

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