COVID-19 and Jewellery

Corona virus started off as a small virus infecting a few people, to a fully-fledged pandemic inducing pathogen in a matter of months. People all over the world have been taking drastic measures to keep the virus away from them. With all the masks, gloves and sanitisers, there is something so basic that we often forget- jewellery. Jewellery is a part of daily wear for men and women alike. This exposes it to a wide range of microbes, including the corona virus.

Amidst the quarantine, lockdown and working from home, anyone hardly ever goes out. Statement jewellery is not where it used to be. The declining popularity of jewellery is partially due to the fear of spreading the virus through metal surfaces. But if you are a jewellery lover who finds it impossible to live without your precious babies, here are a few tips for you.

Never keep them away

We all have a habit of removing our jewellery when washing hands. In different circumstances it would be a great habit, but not now. If you remove your rings and bracelets, wash your hands, and then put them back on, there is no difference made. The surface of any jewellery can be a hub of pathogens and the virus can stay on it for long periods. So always keep in mind to not take off your trinkets in a washroom.

Know your jewels

As you know, the jewels you wear outside need to be washed at the end of the day. But it is important to know your jewellery. Some of your precious charms may not do well with soap and water. Some of them need a simple to cleanse. Always treat your jewels separately when washing. Keep in mind to cleanse them every day so that they do not carry viruses and infect you.

Big NO to sanitisers

This one might be a little harder than you think considering how often we use sanitisers. Hand sanitisers contain a harmful strong chemical that not only threaten the virus but also precious jewels and metals. Organic and semi-precious gems can lose their lustre if exposed to strong chemicals. If you are not confident about keeping your accessories away from sanitisers, it would be a wise decision to avoid gems for a while.

Bye-bye watches

Watches are generally waterproof and resistant to everything. But fancy watches may not stand a chance against frequent soap, water, and sanitiser exposure. It does not look like we will be free from the clutches of the virus for a while. Having said that, it is no reason to lose hope yet. It is best to ditch them for now, to keep your watches safe and sound.

Polishing off

All the above-mentioned tips are basic steps to keep you and your jewellery safe from the virus. None of this can make you immune to the virus or keep you a hundred per cent safe. The best chance of surviving the global pandemic is to get vaccinated as soon as possible. After all it a common fight we all have to come out undefeated.


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