Canva: Designing for All

It is good to have some design knowledge. It helps all age groups and people belonging to all businesses. Design helps individuals to grow their business and also cut costs by not paying a high amount for minimal jobs. Undoubtedly, one would need a professional designer for some major graphic designing work. On the other hand, for some small tasks, like making regular content you can do it on your own.

Canva has designing easy for beginners and helped money to grow their business. The startup got launched in 2013 and since then has just evolved for the better. It is an online tool that allows you to create great graphics, edit your images and also make videos. The application for Canva is available free of cost on both Android and iOS phones. One can also open it on the laptop in the browser. Hence, with the help of this application one can create graphics from anywhere and it makes lots of tasks easier.

Without a doubt, it has gained immense popularity in the current day. Many people use it to solve various purposes. One can use it to enhance your social media or even use it for making different kinds of banners or posters. The brand has users in 190 countries (dated June 18, 2021) across the world. The app in today’s date has created over a billion designs by its users. It offers 100 different languages for one to access. The company has more than 600 employees.

Moreover, Canva has won many awards like the Google Play award, Enterprise Tech 30, and the Great place to work award in the year 2019. Canva has more than fifty thousand templates to choose from. The best part about the application is it is free to use. People who wish to work more advance on the application can also buy its pro version which is paid, but affordable. In addition, the free version has almost everything you need. Importantly, the pre-designed templates help many people who need design or have no knowledge about design.

Canva offers a variety of things that one can design through it. Some of the designs that can be made are Instagram posts, flyers, posters, cards, presentations, book covers, resumes, letterheads, photo collages, newsletters, business cards, menus, small videos, YouTube thumbnail posters, and videos, and many more things. The list of things that one can make on Canva is never-ending. You can almost create anything that you would want by using graphics. Also, it has various photo editing tools which are super helpful.

This digital tool even includes templates for various special occasions. One can choose from various templates available for almost every occasion across the world. From Birthdays to New Year, it has templates for various festivals across the world. Since it has grown worldwide, it also provides free tutorial videos for beginners and teaches how to use Canva. Many other people make YouTube videos, and one can learn various tips and tricks about how to use the application from them. One can visit the Design School in the application itself and learn everything about it.

All of this can also make a design together with their friends or group of employees can work on the same design. Canva provides a feature where you can create a team and all can work on the template from anywhere around the world. The application gives various kinds of formats to save your design as well. Canva gives professional quality creative content and is super easy to use. If you still have not tried your hands on it, you should for sure give it a try. The experience that the application gives is just unforgettable.

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