After 10 months of commitment, Liam Payne and Maya Henry break up

She’s probably in a similar emotional state as Payne.

Liam Payne confirmed that 10 months later, he and Maya Henry broke up – and claimed that he had split.

“I’m more disappointed in myself that I’m continuing hurting people now than anything,” said Payne, 27, on a podcast from the ‘Diary of a CEO.’ “It’s upsetting me. In relationships, I was just not very good. And at this point, I know what my pattern of things is.

“I’m not very good at them so I just have to work on myself before I’m someone else,” added the former One Direction star.

The “Strip That Down” singer admitted that he felt “measuring” to be “out of the Henry connection.”

“I didn’t give me a great version, I did not enjoy it and I didn’t like it. I just didn’t. I can honestly say that I feel better from this, “He said that. He said. “I did not feel good what I did, but it was necessary. It was only a nice way of saying that for us both it was the best thing.”

In August 2020, the 21st Texan and Payne model confirmed their commitment after two years of data. He raised the question with an estimated ring of over four million dollars.

The former “X-Factor” judge Cheryl Cole connected Henry and Payne first but did not confirm this romance until September 2019.

Bear, a four-year-old son, shares with Payne and Cole, 37.

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