4 Must-Read Business Books

If I ask you guys that what is the recipe for a successful business? Many of you would say hard work. But hold on for a minute and think about this question, if hard work is the reason behind a successful business then, our life would have surrounded by N number of businessman.

Undeniably hard work is one of the key ingredients in the recipe of a successful business. For a business to be successful, you will have to keep a lot of thing in mind. In such a situation, a businessman must-read books that help them to keep up with trends.

Here is the list of business books that will provide you with guidance for your business to flourish.


How technological advancement has impacted our life, how it has influenced the work is what David Rothkopf is trying to explain to us through this book. During this time, when the world keeps on changing, 

evolving itself, David puts up a question that forces us to change our thinking towards this world. Through Great Questions Of Tomorrow, the author is stressing over reconsidering our fundamental needs. The author will lend you in a dilemma where you will start questioning your earlier notions.



This book by Niloufer Merchant introduces you to a new concept called Onlyness that says the uniqueness of thoughts is a crucial aspect of a business. She explains how people from different parts of the world could come together and create a unique business opportunity. She says in the book that our interaction with other people is limited to social media when we could interact and explore new and reformed business ideas for a better tomorrow. This book also accompanies real-life examples like Zach Wahls, who fought for Gay rights in America.



Time is changing and, so does the business requirements are. Modern business requires deep thinking, this is what Author Vishen Lakhiani tries to explain to its reader. This book will introduce you to the Ten Unconventional laws that will redefine your life. Lakhiani writes that the decision and the choices we made are not entirely ours they are influenced by the society we live in and the habits that we have developed. Lakhiani revealed that most people make choices based on their principles, that principles were adopted and adapted from their successors and then passed on to their predecessor. This process is monotonous and restricts our growth. The author suggests his readers to eliminate self-limitation to get success.



This book by Daymond John is a perfect guide for new entrepreneurs. This book contains tricks and tips about how can an entrepreneur effectively optimise its available resources to meet its business needs.

Daymond has laid out all the tricks from his personal experience, where he makes a 40 dollar fabric into a million-dollar brand.

The Power Of Broke is a must-read book for the businessman because of its realistic approach and, plus the language used in this book is easily understandable even for the common people.


I hope you will read these books and find them helpful.

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