The Next-gen Gaming Chair

Razer Project Brooklyn gaming chair

 Razer Project Brooklyn is one of two major concept designs made by the company for CES 2021. Like past CES concepts from Razer, it’s unlikely that the machine will be released in the form in which you see it right this minute. The chair has a foldable display that fits in the back of the chair when not in use, full body haptic feedback, speaker system, and Razer Chroma LED lighting.

This concept for a next-gen gaming chair might be better described as a luxury gaming pod. An arc of a retractable 60-inch OLED screen provides a panoramic view. Ergonomic cushions cover the seat and arms. RGB lighting pipes the chair. A table folds in and out for PC-to-console ease. And, much like the haptic feedback incorporated into Razer’s surround sound headset, the chair’s frame is equipped to vibrate throughout gameplay. It’ll be better than any ride at Universal. But, alas, it’s just a concept.

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