The google features you did not know!

I bet you didnt know these top 10 coolest features in google!

Google is much more than a search engine. Surprised?

Yes, let me take you through these amazing google features one by one.

1.Want to take a virtual flight?

Press Ctrl+Alt+A.

Hurray!! You took a virtual flight through  google earth.

2.How about knowing the weather condition?

Simply type “weather” and Google gives you all the details.

3. Let’s get into some more adventures.

Type “askew”.

Haha!! did your page got tilted? Got scared for a second right?

4.Have an interest in art works?

You can see as many high resolution pictures of famous arts and paintings.

5.Who does not like to play with letters?

You can search for different awesome fonts and font styles.

How cool is that!

6.Do you forget special days or events?

You dont have to worry about that anymore.Because google got your back.

Set a reminder and take a chill pill.

7.Want to do a 360 degree spin?

Just type “do a barrel roll”

8.Ever got stuck because you can not get the right word to search?

No worries because google can read images.

9. Too lazy to type?

Open your apps with voice commands.

10. Are you a slow starter in the mornings?

Get the news read to you by google assistent.


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