Success story of Tinder

The success story of Tinder has been tremendous and it has been most familiar dating sites across the world. 

Smartphones gave online dating a new life an app developers seize this opportunity it provided the blueprint for the modern game fi dating app it just decide by either swiping right or left by looking at the person’s profile. 

Within just one year after the launch the startup success earned two of its co founders Sean Rad and Justin methine spots in the forbes 2013, under 30 list and this is how it became the biggest gateway for technology assisted matchmaking process.  Although Sean and Justin cross their paths when they were in private high school in Los Angeles. Their story begins in the first semester freshman year at the university of South California in 2004. 

They reconnected at the university and then both started independent companies. Justin’s company was a social network for celebrities while Sean’s company was a platform that allowed companies to advertise via social media network of celebrities. Later Brate sold majority of stake in 2012. In the late January 2012 Sean was hired into the Hatch labs incubator as General Manager under CEO Dinesh Moorjani and he was given the task of building out Cardiff ID which was a loyalty app that rewarded users with points for swiping their credit cards, at the same time Justin was selling off his company’s site Canvas and was looking for a new project himself and then Sean and Justin have shared business ideas with for years and every idea began with a problem. While tossing around with different ideas and they noticed that no matter who are you feel more comfortable approaching somebody if you know that they you want to approach them and they both experienced the vexation of sending smoke signals through social media. They believe that they are people who don’t know you but still want to know you and so they are resorting to FACEBOOK, Sean felt that there was a need to solve this problem and was interested in the idea of establishing an app of mutual interest that preceds interaction. Sean and Justin were joined by Jonathan Badeen, Joe Munoz, Dinesh Moorjani, Chris Gulvzynski and Whitney and soon team started working on the app were getting everything in place. Just a few days later in this photo driven design created for Apple iOS format was ready and with that team finally launched Tinder and app genius is that it’s designed like a game with tagline like ” Like real life, but better “ . Sean intiated the app with an intention to bridge the gaps in dating all he knew back then was idea was cool and it has meant to be game where swipe left or right to find a date or simply get to meet new people. The users in that one week drastically kept on increasing and the app received mad craze and went on and on. Tinder literally spent 0 on marketing it gained momentum purely on the basis of word of mouth. 

However everything was going right for tinder a dark cloud was forming above this involved Justin and Britney they both were in a relationship and had strong feelings for each other and suddenly the couple broke up in the late 2014. Justin went on to the exact to harass her and things changed around differently. 

But the vision and the efforts by 11 people for bringing up tinder was strong and Sean has got 10% of share from tinder and Justin had to leave tinder and his position. When it comes to startups, it is not easy as possible to start and personal problems ruined between people and went onto loss. 


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