Some of the Best OTT Platforms to use in 2021

OTT (Over The Top) platforms have become a new huge place for entertainment. People love to watch movies, TV shows, and new exclusive platform series and OTT platforms present these days have them all. These platforms allow the users to sit at the comfort and enjoy all in one app. It makes users more attracted by having the app available on android as well as iOS. So, now you can have access to your laptop, phone, or tablet and carry it along anywhere and just start watching. It has content in various languages and for all age groups from kids to teenagers to adults there is something for everyone. You can simply download and start watching.

Here are some of the best OTT platforms you can enjoy at.

  • Netflix

It has various subscription plans for individuals or friends or families and also allows you to access on various devices depending on the subscription you choose. It syncs the application across devices, for example, if you start watching a movie on one device you can continue watching on another and it will start from where you paused it earlier.

  • Amazon Prime Video

There is nothing better than being able to have access to various applications through a subscription of one. When we subscribe to Amazon Prime, we not only get access to Amazon prime delivery services but also Amazon Prime Video. It has a huge collection of web series and movies in various languages. Along with this you also get access to content with 4k quality.

  • VIU

VIU is an OTT platform that was started in Hong Kong. It is gaining immense popularity in Asia since most of its content is constructed according to the Asian citizen’s liking. It has different drama series, unique shows, and much more. With the current gaining success, it has also started to create localized content for different Asian countries. The subscription base for the application is quite affordable.

  • Disney+ Hotstar

The application is owned by Disney, which is well known and established company. The platform provides various ranges of web content like movies, series, news, sports, and more. One of the attractive features of the application is that it also live streams various shows, like cricket matches. It is gaining immense popularity and has various subscription plans, one can choose according to their convenience.

  • YouTube Premium 

YouTube already has a great user base all across the world. It has various online short and long content which people love to watch. Along with this it also has a wide range of music. It has become one of the biggest platforms for the launch of new music videos. With the launch of YouTube premium, one can watch their favorite content advertisement free.

These are only some OTT platforms, the world has much more gaining popularity and become a new space for entertainment at comfort. Various other applications like Hulu, Sling, HBO, FixFling, TNC, and the list is endless.


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