QR codes are an excellent way to convey information.


Here’s how it works

Almost all of our daily activities (such as banking, buying, and contacting) can now be done online, but the difficulty is protecting our personal information. When the process of cracking the security code becomes more sophisticated and tough, this is true. These advanced programmes provide users with the peace of mind they require when working on devices they don’t trust. A two-way authentication approach is used in this project. In this case, the QR code acts as a form of security. Passwords, usernames, and fingerprints are among the security features included in the current system.

QR codes were popular before the coronavirus outbreak, but they’re now found on everything from restaurant menus to tickets and advertisements, and facial recognition.

About Qr code

These square codes are quick and simple to use, and because Android and iOS users can scan QR codes with their phone’s default camera, they don’t require any additional software or updates. Furthermore, QR codes do not require physical contact to interact with them, so it’s no surprise that they’re becoming increasingly popular.

QR codes may hold up to 4,000 characters of text, which might be anything from a simple message to a hyperlink or a file to download. People generally use these graphics to redirect clients to their corporate website, their bar’s beverages menu, or their new app because they are most typically used to contain website URLs. But these patterns are capable of much more. You can, for example, encode your contact information in a QR code and put it on your business card. If someone scans it, all of the information you’ve supplied will appear in their default contacts app, ready to be saved.


Our system’s security is improved thanks to the QR code and encryption technology. A man-in-the-middle attack will not succeed in our system since communication between the server and the user is always encrypted. Once a user logs out, their username is lost and cannot be recovered. Because the file is encrypted and difficult to access, any attack is impossible. Only when an untrustworthy person understands how to control internal storage does a security concern occur. A phishing assault on a mobile phone can be carried out by replacing one programme with another.“QR codes are images that, because they are images, cannot be hacked. Because they are static, this is the case. They can, however, be simply replaced.

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