Do you know that the food items you intake have a major impact on your weight.We have seen many people complain about not being able to see any difference in their weight even after doing exercises daily. So the biggest mistake they are committing is nothing but not giving a check on what they are eating.Yes, it is not about eating less but eating right. Eating the right food is all that matters! Here are 5 food items you must avoid if you are planning to shed those extra kilograms. 

1. Sugary drinks 

Sweetened drinks like cola, sprite etc. They are one of the unhealthiest foods on earth.Better stay away from them because they aid in weight gain. 

2. Candy bars. 

Don’t consume them if you are serious about your weight loss because candy bars contain added sugars and oils. 

3. Cakes and Cookies 

These are high-calorie, low-nutrient food and you tend to eat more and more, which in turn adds your weight. 

4. Potato chips and French fries 

Dont mistake this with the normal potatoes which are good, but chips and fries of potatoes are not.Not only these are high-calorie items but also a small portion won’t satisfy your appetite. 

5.Ice cream 

A 100 g of vanilla ice cream contains approximately 207 calories.You know how difficult it is to burn 100 calories. So better keep your hands away from ice creams. 

Feed your stomach wisely and sweat it out daily to achieve that perfect body you have always imagined.

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