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News has always been an important part of one’s life. Every individual needs to know about the happenings around the world. As Media houses are increasing in number and competition is rising, they always want to look for opportunities to be in limelight. Many news organizations do not show news looking from all perspectives. In this growing world, it is difficult to trust any news organization and know if they are telling the truth. A lot of times the news is stretched with long opinion pieces and it becomes boring for the readers.

With the digital growth in the world, everybody who has some gadget with them prefers to read on their gadgets rather than carrying a newspaper. Similarly, readers, these days want the news to be on point, which they can read quickly and on the go. The public as readers needs to choose which news is right and which is wrong.

With having a great perspective this Indian News startup called The Boring News Company has come to make news simpler for you to understand. It is founded by Ruson Infomedia Private Limited is Private incorporated in India on 24 September 2020. The Boring News Company has three main words which act as their motto and attracts readers towards them, they are Focused, Factual and Free. These three words have significance because they focus on the news and do not go off-topic. Secondly, there is news that is not made by opinion but is based on real facts. And lastly, the news provided is free of cost. You do not have to keep looking around for news with The Boring News Company you just have to subscribe and news come to you in the morning on your email. The company does not believe in any single ideology. They believe that facts do not have an ideology. The company gives out news without having any ideology in mind making sure that news which reaches their readers is legitimate.

Their logo says a lot about what they believe. The logo has a tortoiseshell in there and it has a particular significance. It is stimulated by the tale of The Tortoise and The Hare. They would rather be slow and accurate by being thorough than serve their readers half-baked, poorly verified news quickly. Accuracy before speed is what they are all about.

They send news on your email 6 days a week and on Sunday they cover light topics for one to relax and not have an overdose of news. There are many reasons one should look up to this startup and become a part of it as their reader. First and foremost, they write news efficiently which is without an opinion and based on facts and figures. They do not have a bias towards any ideology and give only what is important out there. One of the most interesting qualities of news conveyed by them is that they try and give important information in as few words as possible.

The Boring News Company works on the thought of giving news to their readers in a Crisp and Interesting manner. It is a new startup in India and is slowly gaining popularity since it is designed to look at how little time one has in the fast-moving lifestyle to get an update of happenings around the world. It gives out news in a manner that whatever little time one uses for reading news, they should have the right news and not off-topic.

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