Microsoft announces retirement of Internet Explorer

The popular Microsoft  web browser Internet explorer services are going to shutdown. Internet explorer was credited with making internet services making available to the public .Microsoft officially announced that it’s time to stop the services of internet explorer.

From 2022 june 15 explorer does not support desktop 11.It does not support Microsoft online services like Onedrive ,outlook and many more from august 17 while explorer was released in august. It became the most used web browser worldwide  in  2003 with 95% usage of users. The  usage of internet explorer is decreased when firefox and google chrome are used.

In the place of explorer ,the company is encouraging users to shift to Microsoft Edge. It has legacy support for internet explorer -based websites built in. Microsoft  edge with internet explorer mode gives you dual engine advantage that means you can use modern sites with chromium and legacy sites with internet explorer. App assures promise that  internet explorer 11,google chrome ,and edge legacy apps will work in Microsoft edge. edge is more secure that google chrome on windows 10

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