Google to release important security feature soon!

    Tech giant Google plans to soon give its users a two-factor authentication that will automatically operate, PC World said in a statement. Speaking to PC World, Mark Risher, Director, Product Management, said if  users have built their accounts properly, the company will start automatically recording two-factor authentication in 2SV. But they need to make sure that users don’t accidentally lock their accounts. It will also be a less disruptive project. That’s why they’re going to start it for users.

     And Risher said, “Passwords can be a major threat to your online security. And they can be stolen. In addition, Risher said that it is difficult for you to remember your old passwords if you need to use them in your account. And it increases the risk that you will have to lose many accounts if passwords get into the wrong hands. ”
     So right away, Google gives you an option to protect your account with two-factor authentication. It sends you a warning message to confirm your account’s login on to other devices. But it still looks desirable. 

          2-factor authentication will add additional security to your account. Whenever someone else tries to log in to your account, they need a security code sent on your phone. The highlight is that no 3rd person can access your account without this code. The corona virus, which has been disturbing people for more than a year, has led many employees to work at home. Google is also on this list. The company has also announced that the work frame home process will continue till september. While this measure is being carried out for the safety of employees, on the other hand, it has to be said that the cost of large companies has halved . Accordingly, since last March, the company has saved about USD 1 billion in a year and about Rs 7,400 crore in Indian value by working from home with most of Google’s employees working from home. 



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