ENN's journey from breakfast table to nature based Luxury brand

Beauty is said to be in the eyes of the beholder. Every person is lovely on the inside and out in their own unique manner. We are all unique, and there is something about us that no one else has. External beauty is influenced by how we see ourselves and how we communicate with others. Other things that we come into touch with, such as the environment, pollution, and dangerous substances, have an impact on our natural characteristics and shine. At the moment, the Indian beauty scene is glistening. Despite the influx of overseas firms and the growing availability of highly specialised k-beauty goods, the industry has seen a number of new entries in recent years.The standard is becoming higher for businesses as Indian shoppers expect great quality performance and a luxurious appearance, and they are maintaining good.

 Nandeeta Manchanda, a beauty connoisseur who has firmly stayed by her dreams and ambitions by making people understand the importance of an organic and biologically inert lifestyle, has established a new nature centered premium brand ENN, which is influenced by the richness of natural world that dates back to it’s origins blended with current innovations and wealth of cultural heritage that our forefathers believed in. Her label competes with some of the world’s most well-known brands while maintaining a high level of efficacy and design. She is a young Delhi-based businesswoman who completed her studies in New York and returned to India to create her own line of natural products.

Nandeeta was so moved by the news of her dearest friend’s premature death from skin cancer that she felt compelled to transform people’s thoughts about using natural, chemical-free alternatives for their skin and food. She believes it is critical to be conscious of the skin-care products we use because, more often than not, we wind up utilising things that cause us more damage than good.

 Completely natural personal care products are in short supply on the market. To produce chemical-laden beauty products, the marketplaces are flooded with synthetic aromas, shoddy goods, contaminated essential oils, and inorganic clays. To combat this, Nandeeta developed products that are safe, non-toxic, and extremely effective. Her trip to India sparked the seeds of creating a full-fledged natural beauty business in her head. She founded Enn’s Closet to retail excellent western apparel for urban fashionistas in India after a brief internship at an online multi-designer platform in Delhi.

 ENN by Enn’s Closet opened its doors after extensive research into the Indian cosmetics market. ENN had set out on a mission to eliminate SLS, parabens, and other harmful chemicals from its products. All of the ingredients are purchased from certified manufacturers, and the company’s nine-person staff works tirelessly to provide a unique shopping experience. The product line was created with the millennium consumer in mind. The bestseller of the company changes with the seasons. The brand aspires to extract the most from flora’s broad repertoire, reimagining seasonal treatments with fresh fruit and plant extracts and a blend of rare essential oils.

Nandeeta recalls how, as a youngster, they would use whatever was left on the breakfast table to apply to their faces or hair, whether it was curd, banana, coffee, lemon, or wheat flour, and she has been promoting these natural cures for years. They start with a classic ingredient and come up with new methods to deliver it to a modern audience. Enn’s Closet packages most of its products in glass to adhere to its sustainability philosophy, while the rest of the packaging is made of biodegradable paper. Around 70% of their work is done by hand, which conserves energy and expands job prospects.

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