Cybercrime risk in using internet!

        Cybercrime risk in using internet !
      The more technological development lends a hand, the more dangerous it is. Crimes committed on computers, internet, etc., are called cyber crime.  Cyber crime crime is increasing day by day after the rise in internet usage. For the past one year, after the corona impact, we have been carrying out all the requirements of buying goods and making money transactions through the Internet. We are afraid to go out because it is a virus that can spread easily from one person to another. But there is a situation where you have to go outside the essential needs. At this stage, the Internet has been a boon for most of our needs.

      This can happen by – Using a person’s computer and network by hacking it without proper permission, installing a virus or making the computer go extinct, inserting some changes in the software operation and not working properly, or changing its use, sending a large number of fake emails called Email Bomb, etc. Other cyber crimes include Crimes against the state are cyber terrorism, cyber pornography, cyber-stocking, crimes against property and money such as gambling, credit card fraud, etc. 

     You can report to the Cyber Crime Office with proper information if you are affected by cyber crime crimes. Then you have to submit your name, details of your suffering, and evidence. You can also contact your nearest police stations if you need immediate security or action. As the use of websites has increased, so have the crimes committed. But people are not aware of it. The Government  has taken very serious efforts to prevent cyber crime. However, if we are aware of the use of the Internet, we can avoid major damage. 


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