BTS says “Our prayers are with India”

BTS prays for India as it is in the midst of a serious COVID 19 crisis.

The famous South Korean sensational music BTS had sent a sweet message to their fans who are known as ARMY. “Let’s not lose hope”. This is the message sent by them to their Indian fans, showcasing their love and concern for those living especially in India as the nation struggles every passing second with the second wave of coronavirus pandemic. The BTS is said to have its highest fan following number from India and it is looking forward to taking a tour of the country soon. In a series of questions asked to BTS during an email interaction, one of the questions was whether they had any message for ARMY in India amidst the pandemic. To that one of the members of BTS, Kim Taehyung also known as V had replied on a sweet note “Our prayers are with India. Stay strong ARMY and let’s never lose hope.”

On the flip side, the popular band has come up with a new album ‘Butter’ which crossed 113 million views within 24 hours of its release. It was a smooth achievement for BTS. ‘Butter’ is the second song from their English album. It is now nominated to the Grammy Awards as it had smoothly crossed the 98.3 public view counter-mark. The main concept behind this song is, ‘Butter’ metaphors – a melting heart at its center. Another idea behind this single was, this song injects summer vibes to the audience and clearly, the band wanted to virtually spend summer with its ARMY. As Jimin had rightly said;

We wanted a summer song that we can enjoy together with ARMY and everyone. And ‘Butter’ was the perfect fit,” 

Another good news awaiting us is, The group is going to deliver the first on-stage performance of “Butter” at the upcoming Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs). Fans are deeply excited and looking forward to it.

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