Board Games in Pandemic


When on March 25, 2020, the nationwide Lockdown imposed in India, no one had a clue of how they are going to spend these days by just sitting at home. Many critics came up with side-‘effects’ of this Lockdown on physical health of citizens, locked in their own houses. They tried to portray the lifestyles of these homebodies as much dull as they could. But they forgot to mention its side-‘affects’ too. When people started to ‘actually’ live at home, almost everyone came up with an idea of playing Board Games  to kill their time but by passing days, they started to feel something different, something that they were missing. And here is that something and the reasons behind feeling so:-

I.This was the first time when they felt ‘Happiness’…

Board Games have the ability to make you laugh. It has a scientific reason behind this laughter. When you feel happy, a chemical named endorphin  releases, which elevates the feeling of happiness in our body.

II.Now Family Time is not just a word….

 Before  this lockdown, people were trying to find some time to spend with  their  families and play with  their beloved. And Board Games played a vital role  in strengthening  the family bonds.

III.These simple games reduced the risk  of mental diseases…

Workers with stressful schedule and depressing office environments, couldn’t able to work on their mental health but due to this sudden lockdown, they started to play Board games and  these games distracted them from worldly problems and made their brains more Stronger by exercising every day. It also lowered the cognitive decline.

IV.Board Games help to strengthen your Immune System…

From the very initial strike of Covid-19, Immunity level has always been a matter of concern. Many researchers have reported that negative thoughts and feelings have a major impact on a human body. Due to negativity, your body releases a chemical that harms your body’s ability to fight with diseases. Playing Board Games can help you to reduce negativity and improve your immune system.

Indeed, outdoor activities are important for your physical fitness but one cannot underestimate the mental healing power of indoor games. In today’s busy life, where you don’t have much time, even to breathe, try to set a Ludo in your living room after dinner and see a different shine in the sun of next morning.

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