Best Audio Based Social Media Apps In 2021

With the boom of technology and the internet all over the world, ways of consuming content are also getting changed.

Nowadays, more people are engaging in act of multi-tasking at a time. Due to this, it becomes difficult to focus on visual content as well as on work.

To remove this pain of our society, recently many audio-based apps have been launched which are getting quite well popularity.

Why Audio Apps And Content Are Future?

1) Consuming Content Passively Through Audio

The use of visual-based Social Media like Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. requires active attention which might distract us from our work.

With help of audio-based apps, one can continue our work like walking, cooking, travelling, writing, etc. along with listening to audio.

2) Audio Attracts More Attention

It has been found that people have an average attention span of 8 seconds on videos while for podcast and audio it is 30-34 seconds.

Also with voice content people engage more and connect emotionally.

3) Top Social Platforms Are Accepting Voice

Now popular social media and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. are also giving the option of sharing voice notes.

Some of you also had a conversation with Google assistance and Siri which shows audio is going to be the future.

Best Audio Based Social Media App In 2021


The clubhouse is one of the famous audio-based apps which is currently available only for iOS and will be available for Android soon.

At present, it has an invite-only feature that means you have to look for an invitation from someone to use it.

This social media app has millions of followers including famous personalities like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. It allows users to make audio chat rooms and listen to the conversation or have a discussion over a variety of topics.

Within few years of launching, Clubhouse has reached an evaluation of $4 Billion.

Other Social Media With Audio Features

1) Facebook With Audio host Features

Recently Facebook has started a new audio feature to beat up with other apps including clubhouse.

In this audio-only feature, users can host a live chat room on Facebook group and Messenger. The company has decided to first give these features for the test to members of the group as well as public figures.

Along with this, Facebook has also started Soundbites which is a small short form of audio.

To draw more attention towards this feature, Facebook has also decided to monetize this audio form of content.

The company has declared that this feature will be starting soon around the month of June- July.

2) Twitter Spaces

Recently Twitter has also launched its feature of live audio conversation called Twitter spaces.

The audio chat room is called Spaces which is currently for testing and only selected people can use this feature.

Both Android and iOS users can use it. In this feature, you can add up to 11 people( including host) as a speaker and for listeners, there is no limit. This conversation in space will not be available to users. Only Twitter can have a record of these conversations for 30 days to check violations.

Instead of available for only the Beta version till yet popularity of Twitter spaces is increasing rapidly.

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