Best alternatives for ' Google photos '

  As Google photos free storage ends on June 1 , here are the alternatives 

  Digibox ;
      Digibox is a cloud storage site that owns India. It offers 20 GB free space, unlike Google photos. Gmail also supports integration, unlimited external corporation and end-encryption. The basic 100 GB cloud storage plan costs Rs 30 per month. You can also buy an annual plan at a price of Rs.360.

Diego :
      The second best alternative is Diego. It offers 100 GB free cloud storage. The company says all files are final encrypted. The 500 GB storage plan costs about Rs 220 per month. There is also a 10TB plan. It is priced at approximately Rs.735 per month. It should be noted that there are ads in the free version and paid cloud storage plans are free of advertising.

Microsoft onedrive :
      Onedrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service. It supports features such as auto backup, auto sync etc. You will get only 5 GB of free storage with this service. But, you will get at least 100 GB of storage at Rs 140 per month. If you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, you don’t have to buy the company’s OneDrive subscription because you already have 1TB storage space.

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Google Photos ends 'Free Storage' on June 1!

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