The greatness of a man is not how much wealth it acquires but in its integrity to affect those around them positively by achievements of his goals. This goals takes me through a roller coaster ride showcasing many examples and proving the fact that, “Being rich or popular is not a measure of success”.

This seven alphabetical word ‘SUCCESS’ means achievement of desired vision and planned goals. True success in life cannot be measured with factors like being rich, famous, having a lot of tangible and earned degrees, but with the amount of people that are able to live better and more advanced life because of what you have created. We all are familiar with Alexander Graham Bell, Franklin, Tesla, Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison and Sir Tim Berners Lee. They All have one thing in common i.e., they all were successful and their success was measured on the parameters that how beneficial their inventions were for the human race and not on their bank balance and popularity quotient. Success also means attainment of self satisfaction. It is a well versed fact that media and society often lets us conclude that leading a successful life means that one should be rich and popular, but that’s not true. Even mentioned in Chanakya’s neeti.”Successful are those who do not attach themselves to riches by becoming a labour and being humble. On that note Dhruv Lakra the founder of Miracle Couriers a company employing 96% of deaf people. In a short span of two years is working head to head with FedEx the best among the world’s courier service companies.Dr. Deepu Sebin with Doctor’s spring an online health care initiative that was successful in bringing doctors across the globe on one platform and within the reach of patients of any nationality. They became successful because of their extreme vision.

I would like to out the masses and ask who has given us the ‘freedom of speech’,’press’,’liberty’,and  ‘pursuit of happiness’. Those friends whose success is a milestone of victory, their strength of healing others and their inborn ability of sacrificing their life even for those who are unknown to them. They are none other than our very own soldiers. Not to forget about Mr. Anna Hazare, from a tenacious soldier to social reformer and RTI crusader, he traced the path of success with his knee determination and strong will to serve the nation. I strongly believe that richness is not a measure of success. As everyone is unique in their oneself and so does their desire to succeed. Their own niche and piece is what that determines their concept of a successful life. The single most requirements for success is grit, the ability to go after the goal with tenacity and without giving up.

At last I would like you all to ponder upon that, “Success is what matters and the definition of success is subjective”. So always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more and prime most important than any other.


Written by Guest

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