The Chicago Med fandom was left in shock when it was announced that Sarah Reese, played by Rachel DiPillo, would be leaving the show. After four seasons of being a beloved character, fans were left wondering why she was leaving the show.

The answer to this question lies in the events of the season four finale. In the finale, it was revealed that Reese’s father, Robert, was a psychopathic serial killer. This information was withheld from Reese by her mentor, Dr. Charles, in an attempt to protect her.

The decision to keep this information from Reese had a profound effect on her. She was devastated to learn that her father was a killer and she was unable to cope with the fact that Charles had kept this from her. As a result, she decided to leave Chicago Med and start a new life.

Reese’s departure from the show was a heartbreaking moment for fans. Her character had been a fan favorite since her introduction in season one and her absence will be felt by many. However, it is understandable why she chose to leave. Her father’s actions had caused her immense pain and she needed to start fresh in order to heal.

It is unclear what the future holds for Reese, but fans can take comfort in the fact that she is no longer in danger. She is now free to pursue a new life and to find peace. Although she will be missed, her departure from Chicago Med was necessary for her own wellbeing.

Emily Blunt

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