On 15-Dec-2022, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their departure from the British Royal Family. The couple had faced an onslaught of negative media coverage, which they believed had reached a toxic level. This coverage included the publication of an intimate letter between Meghan and her estranged father in The Daily Mail.

The couple had faced a steady stream of criticism and scrutiny since their engagement in 2017. This included allegations of racism and elitism, as well as rumors about Meghan’s relationship with her family. The media attention was so intense that the couple was forced to take legal action against several publications.

The final straw for the couple was the publication of Meghan’s letter to her father. This was seen as a violation of her privacy and a violation of the couple’s right to a private life. The couple felt that the media attention had become too much to bear and that they had no choice but to leave the Royal Family.

In their statement, the couple said that they had made the decision to step back from their royal duties in order to pursue a more independent life. They also said that they would continue to support the Queen and the Royal Family in their charitable work.

The couple has since relocated to California, where they are living a more private life. They have also launched their own charitable foundation, Archewell, which focuses on promoting kindness and compassion.

It is clear that the couple’s decision to leave the Royal Family was driven by the toxic media attention they had been receiving. The publication of Meghan’s letter was the final straw, and the couple felt that they had no choice but to leave in order to protect their mental health and wellbeing.

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