In early 2019, a heated argument between Prince Harry and Prince William made headlines around the world. The two brothers had a disagreement at Harry’s cottage at Kensington Palace over what Harry said were inaccurate stories in the tabloid press about his wife, Meghan Markle.

The incident reportedly began when Harry accused William of not supporting him and Meghan. This was a sensitive issue for Harry, as he felt that William and the rest of the royal family had not done enough to protect Meghan from the negative press coverage she had been receiving. William, however, argued that he had been supportive and that Harry was being too sensitive.

The argument quickly escalated and the two brothers began to shout at each other. It is believed that Harry was particularly angry and accused William of being too judgmental. The argument eventually ended with the two brothers going their separate ways.

Since then, the brothers have been trying to repair their relationship. In January 2021, they were seen together at the unveiling of a statue of their late mother, Princess Diana. The two were seen smiling and laughing together, which was a sign that their relationship was on the mend.

It is clear that the disagreement between Harry and William was a result of the intense media scrutiny that Meghan had been receiving. While it is understandable that Harry was feeling frustrated and hurt, it is also important to remember that the brothers have a long history of being close and supportive of each other. Hopefully, this incident will not damage their relationship in the long run.

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