Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage was one of the most iconic royal unions of the 20th century. But why did Charles marry Diana?

The story of Charles and Diana’s marriage began in the late 1970s, when Charles was still single and searching for a wife. Charles had been in a relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles since the early 1970s, but the royal family was opposed to the union due to Camilla’s past. Charles’ parents, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, wanted him to marry someone of royal blood, and so Charles began to look for a suitable bride.

In 1980, Charles met Diana Spencer, a young woman from a noble family. The two began to court, and in 1981, Charles proposed to Diana. Diana accepted, and the two were married in a lavish ceremony at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London in July 1981.

The marriage of Charles and Diana was seen as a great success, and the two were seen as a perfect couple. However, their relationship was not as perfect as it seemed. In the years that followed, Charles and Diana’s marriage began to unravel due to Charles’ ongoing relationship with Camilla. In 1992, the two separated, and in 1996, they were officially divorced.

Charles and Diana’s marriage was a complicated one, but the main reason why Charles married Diana was because he was not allowed to marry Camilla due to her past. Charles and Diana’s marriage was seen as a great success at the time, but it ultimately ended in divorce.

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