On February 2, 2021, Johnny Depp won a unanimous verdict in his defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. The jury found that Heard had defamed Depp in a 2018 Washington Post article, and ordered her to pay him $15 million in damages.

The case began in 2019 when Depp sued Heard for $50 million, claiming that she had defamed him in a 2018 Washington Post article. In the article, Heard had accused Depp of domestic abuse, which Depp denied. Depp argued that the article had caused him to lose work and damage his reputation.

The case went to trial in January 2021, and the jury heard testimony from both Depp and Heard. After a two-week trial, the jury found in favor of Depp and ordered Heard to pay him $15 million in damages.

The jury’s decision was a major victory for Depp, who had been embroiled in a series of legal battles with Heard in recent years. The $15 million award is the largest defamation award in US history.

The verdict is also a major setback for Heard, who had hoped to clear her name and repair her reputation. The jury’s decision is a clear sign that they did not believe her claims of domestic abuse against Depp.

The verdict is also a reminder of the power of the press and the importance of responsible journalism. The Washington Post article in question was widely shared and had a major impact on Depp’s career and reputation. The jury’s decision sends a strong message that journalists must be careful when reporting on allegations of domestic abuse.

Overall, the jury’s decision is a major victory for Depp and a major setback for Heard. Depp will receive $15 million in damages, while Heard will have to live with the consequences of her actions.

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