The last royal to be buried in St George’s Chapel, Windsor, was King George II of Great Britain, who passed away on 11 November 1760. His funeral was a private affair, but it was still a very public event, with many dignitaries and members of the public attending.

The funeral procession began at St James’s Palace, where the King’s body was placed in a coffin and carried by six pallbearers to St George’s Chapel. There, the coffin was placed on a catafalque and the King’s body was interred in the vault of St George’s Chapel.

The funeral was attended by many members of the royal family, including the King’s son, George III, who was crowned King of Great Britain shortly after his father’s death. Other dignitaries present included the Prime Minister, the Lord Chancellor, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Lord Mayor of London.

The funeral service was conducted by the Dean of Windsor, and the King’s body was interred with full military honours. The funeral procession was accompanied by a military band, and the King’s coffin was draped in a black velvet pall.

After the funeral, the King’s body was moved to the Royal Mausoleum at Frogmore, where it remains to this day. The last royal to be buried in St George’s Chapel was King George II, and since then, more private – though still very public – ceremonies have taken place at St George’s Chapel, Windsor.

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