In 2006, a young rapper by the name of Draco made history when he became the first rapper to upload a video to YouTube. The video, titled “Icebox,” was an ode to his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland and quickly gained traction among viewers.

At the time, YouTube was still a relatively new platform, and Draco was one of the first to recognize its potential. He was also one of the first to realize that he could use the platform to reach a wider audience and spread his music.

In the years since, Draco has continued to make music and has become a successful artist in his own right. However, it wasn’t until recently that he was able to prove that he was indeed the first rapper on YouTube.

Using the Wayback Machine, a digital archive of the web, Draco was able to access a snapshot of YouTube from 2006. This snapshot showed that his video “Icebox” was indeed the first rap video uploaded to the platform.

The Wayback Machine also showed that Draco’s video had over 1 million views by 2007, which is an impressive feat for any artist, let alone one who was just starting out.

Draco’s success on YouTube was not only a testament to his talent, but also to his foresight. He was one of the first to recognize the potential of the platform and to use it to reach a wider audience.

In the years since, YouTube has become an invaluable tool for artists, allowing them to reach fans all over the world. Draco’s success as the first rapper on YouTube is a testament to the power of the platform and the potential it holds for aspiring artists.

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