Taylor Swift is no stranger to dating high-profile celebrities, but her relationship with Conor Kennedy was her most talked-about romance. In 2012, Taylor was 22 years old and Conor was 18 when they began dating. The age difference between the two received a lot of criticism, but that didn’t stop them from getting serious.

Taylor and Conor were first spotted together in July 2012, and it was reported that they had been dating for a few weeks at that point. The couple was seen together in various places, including the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. Taylor even purchased a home near the compound, which she later sold in 2013.

The couple seemed to be in it for the long haul, as Taylor and Conor attended several high-profile events together, including the Kennedy family’s annual Fourth of July party. They also spent time with Taylor’s family, and even went on a romantic vacation to the Caribbean.

Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last long. In October 2012, Taylor and Conor split up. It was reported that the couple had simply grown apart, and that the age difference had become an issue.

Taylor and Conor’s relationship was short-lived, but it was certainly a memorable one. The age difference between the two was a major source of controversy, but it didn’t stop them from enjoying their time together. Even though the romance didn’t last, Taylor and Conor will always have the memories of their time together.

Emily Blunt

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