Nujood Ali is a Yemeni woman who made international headlines in 2008 when she became the youngest ever divorcée at the age of 10. Born in 1998, Nujood was forced into an arranged marriage by her father when she was only 8 years old. Her husband was three times her age and she was subjected to physical and emotional abuse.

In 2008, Nujood decided to take a stand against her forced marriage and child marriage in Yemen. She made the brave decision to leave her husband and seek a divorce. This was unheard of in her tribal tradition and she faced a great deal of opposition. Despite the obstacles, Nujood was determined to fight for her freedom and she eventually succeeded in obtaining a divorce.

Nujood’s story has inspired many other young girls in Yemen to speak out against forced marriage and child marriage. She has become a symbol of hope and courage for those who are facing similar situations. Her story has also been documented in a book titled “I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced”, which has been translated into several languages.

Nujood’s courage and determination to fight for her freedom has been an inspiration to many. Her story has highlighted the plight of many young girls in Yemen who are forced into marriage at a young age and have no way of escaping. Nujood’s bravery has helped to bring attention to the issue of child marriage and has sparked a movement against it in Yemen.

By Influencer Magazine UK