Harry Potter fans around the world were thrilled when the fifth installment of the beloved franchise, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, was released in theaters in 2007. The movie was a huge success, and one of the most memorable moments was when Harry Potter (played by Daniel Radcliffe) finally shared his first on-screen kiss with his longtime crush, Cho Chang (played by Katie Leung).

The kiss was a big moment for Harry, as it marked his transition into adulthood. However, for Radcliffe, it was a bit of an awkward experience. In an interview with the BBC, Radcliffe admitted that he was “really nervous” about the scene, and that he and Leung had to do multiple takes to get it right.

The kiss was a pivotal moment in the movie, as it was the first time Harry had ever expressed his feelings for Cho. It was also a big moment for Harry and Cho’s relationship, as it marked the beginning of their romantic journey together.

The kiss was well-received by fans, and it has since become an iconic moment in the Harry Potter franchise. It was a sweet and tender moment that showcased Harry’s growth and maturity, and it was a beautiful way to show the power of love.

Harry’s first kiss with Cho Chang was a special moment that will forever be remembered by Harry Potter fans around the world. It was a moment that marked Harry’s transition into adulthood, and it was a beautiful way to show the power of love.

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