Ben Affleck has had a long and successful career in Hollywood, but it seems like he was a ladies man from the start. His first love was Cheyenne Rothman, whom he met as a teen at summer camp.

The two quickly hit it off and began dating, and soon became high school sweethearts. They were together for over seven years, during which time they experienced the highs and lows of teenage love. They went through breakups and makeups, but ultimately decided to go their separate ways in 1997.

Despite their breakup, Ben and Cheyenne remain friends to this day. In fact, Cheyenne was one of the first people Ben thanked when he won an Oscar for his role in Good Will Hunting. He said, “I want to thank Cheyenne, who taught me, first of all, how to be a good person.”

Ben Affleck’s first love, Cheyenne Rothman, is a testament to the fact that he was a ladies man from the start. The two had a long and tumultuous relationship, but it seems like their bond has stood the test of time. They may no longer be together, but it’s clear that Ben still holds Cheyenne in high regard.

By Influencer Magazine UK