Pratul Chandra Sorcar, popularly known as P C Sorcar Senior, is widely regarded as the father of modern Indian magic. Born on February 24, 1913 in Bangalore, Sorcar was a renowned magician and illusionist who popularized magic in India.

Sorcar began his career as a magician at the age of twelve and soon became a popular figure in the world of magic. He was known for his spectacular stage shows and illusions, which often combined elements of Hindu mythology with the latest technology. His shows were highly acclaimed for their innovation and creativity.

Sorcar was also a master of sleight of hand and was known for his ability to perform tricks that seemed impossible. He was a master of the art of deception and could make objects appear and disappear in the blink of an eye.

Sorcar was also a pioneer in the field of Indian magic. He was the first magician to introduce the use of lasers and other modern technology into his shows. He was also the first magician to perform in the United States and Europe.

Sorcar was also an innovator in the field of magic education. He established the Indian Academy of Magic in Calcutta in 1956 and was the first to introduce a formal system of teaching magic in India.

Sorcar was also a prolific author and wrote several books on the subject of magic. He was a respected figure in the world of magic and was the recipient of numerous awards and honors.

In recognition of his immense contribution to the world of magic, the Indian government declared February 24 as Magicians’ Day in 2009. On this day, magic enthusiasts from across the globe celebrate the life and legacy of Pratul Chandra Sorcar, the father of modern Indian magic.

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