The longest marriage on record is the union between Karam and Kartari Chand, a couple who lived in the United Kingdom but were married in India. The couple celebrated their 90th wedding anniversary in 2020, making their marriage the longest on record.

Karam and Kartari Chand were both born in India and were married in 1930. They moved to the United Kingdom in the 1950s and lived in the same house for over 60 years. The couple had three children, six grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren.

The couple’s 90th wedding anniversary was celebrated by their family and friends, who described them as an inspiration for their commitment to each other. Karam and Kartari were known for their love of gardening and were often seen in their garden, tending to their plants.

The couple’s marriage was not officially recognized by the Guinness World Records, but their family and friends recognized it as the longest marriage on record. The couple’s children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren all celebrated their 90th wedding anniversary and paid tribute to the couple’s long-lasting love.

Karam and Kartari Chand’s marriage is a testament to the power of love and commitment. Their marriage was a true example of the strength of a relationship and the power of love to withstand the test of time. The couple’s 90th wedding anniversary was a reminder of the importance of cherishing the relationships we have with our loved ones.

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