On September 2003, the world was expecting to witness the wedding of the decade between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. After a whirlwind romance, the couple had set the date for their nuptials and even Lopez had said she would change her name to Jennifer Affleck after the wedding.

However, just days before the ceremony, the couple announced that they had canceled the wedding due to “excessive media attention”. The couple had become a paparazzi target, with the press and public following their every move.

The couple released a joint statement, saying: “We sadly have decided to postpone the wedding. We have found ourselves caught up in a storm of speculation and media attention that neither of us wanted.”

The couple had been together for 18 months, and their breakup was announced in January 2004. In the years since, both Lopez and Affleck have moved on and found love elsewhere.

Lopez is now married to Alex Rodriguez, while Affleck is engaged to Ana de Armas. Despite their split, the former couple have remained on good terms and have even been spotted out together on occasion.

It has been almost two decades since the couple’s canceled wedding, and the world still wonders what could have been. We may never know what happened to JLo and Ben Affleck, but their story will remain one of Hollywood’s most talked-about romances.

By Influencer Magazine UK