The popularity of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, in England has been on a downward trend since the start of 2021. According to a survey conducted by YouGov, the favourability ratings of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have fallen since September, with just under a quarter of people now saying they have a favourable opinion of Prince Harry (23%), down from 30% in December 2022. Meghan’s ratings have also fallen 5ppt to 19% favourable.

The decline in popularity is largely attributed to the couple’s decision to step back from their roles as senior members of the royal family in January 2020. The move was met with mixed reactions from the public, with some applauding the couple for taking a stand against the monarchy, while others criticised them for abandoning their duties.

The couple’s decision to move to the United States has also been a source of controversy, with some accusing them of abandoning their responsibilities to the UK. The couple’s decision to launch their own non-profit organisation, Archewell, has also been met with criticism, with some questioning the organisation’s purpose and goals.

Despite the decline in popularity, Prince Harry still remains popular in England. He is still seen as a positive role model for many, particularly young people, and is admired for his charitable work and dedication to causes such as mental health awareness. He is also seen as a moderniser of the monarchy, and his work to promote diversity and inclusion has been praised by many.

Overall, it appears that Prince Harry’s popularity in England is still strong, despite the decline in favourability ratings. He remains a popular figure, and his work to promote positive change is still admired by many.

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