The Grammy Awards, also known as the Gramophone Awards, are the music industry’s most prestigious awards. Every year, the Recording Academy honors the best in music with the iconic golden gramophone trophies. But what is the Grammy made of?

The answer is a special proprietary zinc alloy called “Grammium,” which is trademarked by the craftsmen who make the trophies. The alloy is composed of zinc, copper, and tin, and is plated with 24-karat gold. Each Grammy award weighs six pounds, and is approximately 12 inches tall.

The gold-plated trophies are made in the United States, and each one is hand-crafted by a team of artisans. The process of creating a Grammy award is a lengthy one, and it takes up to three months to make a single trophy. The artisans use a combination of traditional metalworking techniques and modern technology to create the award.

The Grammy is a symbol of excellence in the music industry, and its gold-plated finish is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the artists who receive it. While the Grammy may not be made of real gold, it is still a highly coveted award, and it is a symbol of achievement for the music industry’s most talented artists.

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