On Sunday, February 6th, 2023, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles put their post-romance relationship on display at the GRAMMY Awards. The two singers, who briefly dated from 2013-2014, were seen embracing and chatting on the red carpet.

At the time of their relationship, Swift was 33 years old and Styles was 29. The two had first met in April of 2012, when Swift was 22 and Styles was 18. They had first been spotted together in December of 2012, and were confirmed to be dating in January of 2013.

The two were an unlikely couple, with a 15-year age gap between them. Despite this, the two seemed to be in love and enjoyed going on dates together. They were often seen attending concerts, going on romantic getaways, and attending award shows together.

Unfortunately, their relationship did not last. In February of 2014, the two had broken up, with no clear reason given for the split. After their breakup, the two had remained friends and had even been seen together on multiple occasions.

At the 2023 GRAMMY Awards, Swift and Styles put their post-romance relationship on display. The two were seen embracing and chatting on the red carpet, and they seemed to be in good spirits.

It is clear that the two have remained close, despite their brief romance over a decade ago. It is nice to see that the two have managed to stay friends and that they can still enjoy each other’s company.

By Influencer Magazine UK