Amber Heard’s wine bill has been revealed in court documents as a whopping $160,000. The bill was accumulated over the course of the marriage between Ms Heard and Mr Depp, which ended in 2016.

Edward White, Mr Depp’s business manager, testified in court on Thursday that the bill was owed to LA vendor Twenty Twenty Wine Merchants. He stated that the bill had been accumulating since the start of the marriage, and by the time it ended it had reached $160,000.

The bill was described as “astronomical” by White, who said that it was an example of the couple’s “lavish lifestyle”. He also said that the bill was “a significant portion” of Mr Depp’s monthly expenses.

The bill was reportedly for a variety of wines, including red, white, and sparkling varieties. It is unclear how much of the bill was for each type of wine, but it is clear that the couple had an expensive taste in wine.

The revelation of the wine bill comes as part of a legal battle between Ms Heard and Mr Depp. Ms Heard is suing Mr Depp for defamation, claiming that he falsely accused her of domestic abuse. Mr Depp has denied the allegations.

The wine bill is just one example of the couple’s lavish lifestyle, and it is likely to be a key point of discussion in the legal proceedings. It remains to be seen how the court will rule on the matter, but it is clear that the wine bill was an expensive part of the couple’s marriage.

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