Emma Watson is one of the most beloved actresses in the world, thanks to her iconic role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise. Watson has become a household name, and her work in the Harry Potter films has earned her a whopping $70 million.

But how much did Emma Watson make per Harry Potter movie? Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact salary she earned for each movie, but we do know that she earned $4 million for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and $30 million for both Deathly Hallows movies.

Watson’s salary for the first four Harry Potter films is unknown, but it’s likely that she earned significantly less than she did for the last two movies. The Harry Potter franchise was a huge success, and as the series progressed, the budget for each movie increased significantly. This allowed the producers to pay the cast more money.

It’s also likely that Watson’s salary increased with each movie, as she became more popular and her star power grew. She was already a household name by the time the fifth movie was released, and her salary likely reflected that.

Overall, Emma Watson’s work in the Harry Potter franchise has earned her a staggering $70 million. While we don’t know her exact salary for each movie, it’s clear that she was well compensated for her work.