The Princess Royal, Her Royal Highness Princess Anne, is the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. As such, she is entitled to a number of courtiers and staff to assist her in her official duties. One of these is the Ladies-in-Waiting, a group of women who accompany the Princess Royal on official engagements.

The Princess Royal currently has 11 Ladies-in-Waiting, all of whom have been appointed to the role by Her Majesty the Queen. Two of them have been with the Princess Royal for over 50 years, three for over forty years, and five of them for over thirty years. The Ladies-in-Waiting provide a range of services to the Princess Royal, including acting as her confidante, accompanying her on official engagements, and providing advice and support.

The role of the Ladies-in-Waiting is an important one, as they are often the first point of contact for members of the public when the Princess Royal is on official engagements. They are also responsible for ensuring that the Princess Royal is well-prepared for her engagements, and that her engagements run smoothly.

The Ladies-in-Waiting are highly respected and trusted by the Princess Royal, and their loyalty and dedication to her is evident in the length of time they have been with her. Their presence is an important part of the Princess Royal’s life, and they are an integral part of her official engagements.

The Princess Royal’s 11 Ladies-in-Waiting are a testament to her commitment to her role and her dedication to her official engagements. Their loyalty and dedication to the Princess Royal are an example to us all, and a reminder of the importance of the role of the Ladies-in-Waiting.

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